Fonts Added In December 2014

Below you can see preview free Truetype and OpenType fonts for Windows and Mac OS X added in December 2014. Also you can download font only with one click for free.

Griffith Gothic Regular
Grotesque No 9 T
Griffith Gothic Bold
Fairplex Narrow Book Italic
Garamond Book Italic
Greek C
Garamond No 4 Cyr Tcy Med
Farrance Ssk
Griffith Gothic Light
Fairplex Narrow Medium
Fairplex Narrow Book
Griffith Gothic Cond Light
Filosofia Bold
Farnham Text Regular
Fairplex Narrow Bold
Griffith Gothic Ultra Italic
Griffith Gothic Black
Garamond No 4 Cyr Tcy Lig
Fink Heavy Medium