Fonts Added In July 2015

Below you can see preview free Truetype and OpenType fonts for Windows and Mac OS X added in July 2015. Also you can download font only with one click for free.

Myriad Pro Light Italic
House Gothic Hg23cond Bold1
Myriad Pro Black
Afutura Orto Bold
Apjapanesefont K
Myriad Pro Semibold Semi Condensed
Alinea Sans Bold
Myriad Pro Bold Semi Condensed
Metal Macabre
Dtl Prokyon T Medium
Kouzan Brush Font
Microgramma D Ot Bold Extended
Sazanami Mincho Regular
Truth Cyr Medium
Orator Std Slanted
Myriad Pro Bold Semi Extended
Standard Poster Cyrillic
Backtalk Sans Btn
Etelka Wide Light Pro
Balance Light Caps